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Your stylish assistent.


Whether in the office, in schools and universities, at fairs or in hotel lobbies, the iMan is everywhere now in the spotlight.
Here he offers especially for surfing the Internet.

Unique in design and performance.
The iMan perfectly matches the iMac Core 2-model of Apple. The iMan is a complete system, that stands apart from all conventional features both in the ease of use, as well as in design. 


Fact sheet
iMan  - computer stand for iMac Core 2 (20" and 24") by Apple
Head  iMac by Apple
Arms  unscrewable,

Material   Body and arms - Sheet steel powder coated, white 
               Tray and baseplate -  MDF-Plates four layer painted, silvergrey  

Height (without iMac) 112 cm|44"  Length 80 cm|31,5"  Width 66 cm|26"
Weight (without iMac)  27 kg| 60 lbs





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